Case Study: Retirement Income Solutions

1406815627Case Study: Damian J. Sylvia, Retirement Planning Professional
Summary: Damian J. Sylvia of Retirement Income Solutions wanted to build an online presence and develop a system for frequent stakeholder communication. Additionally, Damian wanted to acquire new clients. At the time, the business didn’t have a website, social media profiles or a mechanism to regularly mail (or e-mail) letters, announcements or greetings to existing clients. The primary way the business gained clients was through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing on a small scale.
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6 expert tips for planning a hitch-free event


A Most Unusual Evening • Fundraiser for Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County, NJ at Asbury Lanes. Photo Credit: Great Heights Photography


Planning an event is always an undertaking, no matter the scale. There’s a lot to worry about, from setting a date to managing RSVPs to deciding on a caterer. There is also a lot that can go awry. To make your next event as painless as possible, we chatted with event planners and industry experts to get their top tips for smooth execution.

These professionals work in multiple facets of events (B2B, experiential marketing for brands, music festivals and more), and they are beyond well-versed in the industry. From the tech they favor — apps, gadgets and software galore — to what goes into developing a creative concept, we delve into these five experts’ secrets to hitch-free event planning. Continue reading

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint To A Carbon Tiptoe

800px-Carbon_footprint_representationI recently read an article on CSR Wire that brought up a good question: Why is telecommuting being left out of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and reports?

As indicated in the article, telecommuting reduces money spent on gas, cars, office space, office equipment and more. Overall, this reduces CO2 gas emissions, paper products used and energy emitted.

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Own a Small Business? 3 Ways to Save Time and Money

USCurrency_Federal_ReserveAs a small business owner, I see a common struggle for all business owners: the never ending quest to save time and money. The famous idiom “Time is Money” is overstated for a reason; it’s a struggle we’re all seeking to conquer, it’s frequently on our minds and it can snowball if it’s not managed. Do you repeatedly ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I save time?
  • How can I save money?
  • How can I promote myself or my business better?
  • How can I get through my to-do list?

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America’s Best Tagline

America's Best TaglineI spent this morning at a breakfast networking event hosted by a local chamber of commerce, here in New Jersey. Like most of these events, everyone in the room went around, table by table, to introduce themselves. Prior to starting, we were each asked to say our name, business and tagline…in 30 seconds or less. It was a great marketing tactic to gain feedback on taglines and make a lasting impression. One gentleman in the room surely did make a lasting impression on this September 11th.

After about 60 individuals stood up, taking turns rambling their 30+ second commercial to promote themselves and their businesses, we came to the final table. One of the last attendees stood up and said, “My business doesn’t matter today,” followed by a long pause. We listened closely, confused at first. He continued by turning his 30 second promotional speech into a 9/11 tribute. He finished by proudly stating, “Today, my tagline is: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.”

Everyone in the room clapped, sharing the same feelings of patriotism.

I don’t know who that gentleman was or what business he owned, but I will never forget his words. We will never forget.


Panera donates bread and a lot of dough

Cause Marketing Campaign of the Week: Panera Bread

This week I’m launching a blog post series, “Cause Marketing Campaign of the Week,” which will feature a Cause Marketing Campaign from household brands, and also, from mom & pop businesses, too. Every Friday, I will share some thoughts and research on a different campaign.

Who better to highlight first, than Panera Bread. Let’s look a little bit closer at the Panera brand to evaluate all that they are doing. Beginning with the customer appeal, Panera boasts a truly sustainable menu by offering many organic ingredients. Besides featuring items that satisfy your hunger and health, Panera recently jumped up in the ranks as the leader in the Corporate Social Responsibility, and that should satisfy your mind, too. For Panera, it’s about making the customer feel good by eating their food and choosing their brand. Continue reading